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Tomorrowland the Beautiful: Subtle Complexities

And now we finally begin our journey through the 1967 America the Beautiful! It has been a little over a week since our first introductory episode and this project has already proven to be a challenge—a good one, though. A very, very good one.  After sorting through all 615 photos I took of all the materials related to this attraction, I finally began working on constructing the piece for piano. It's going to be a slow process with that (which I intend on eventually culminating in a full orchestral recreation... one day... we'll see). But in working on just the tiny intro section there is a whole lot I have learned about the score and Buddy Baker's process which are all covered in this podcast.

But first (and for most of the episode), I discuss the attraction's history and go on a bit of tangent about Tomorrowland. Looking back at all the versions of Tomorrowland there have been over Disneyland's almost 61 years, it sometimes can seem odd that there was an attraction about America's cultural landscape in the middle of a land that's supposed to be about the future. But I believe this was the point. Not only was America the Beautiful an attraction that showcased an innovative technique of telling stories on film (Circle-Vision 360), it was the first chapter of what the 1967 Tomorrowland stood for: creating a tangible, imaginative future to further the well-being of all Americans. It was the first attraction people encountered when walking into the land. From there, they could experience the ways in which industry was going to improve humanity. It was a bold and idealistic thesis on the future and most importantly, it was uniquely Disney.

Something I hope to communicate as we continue on examining Buddy Baker's score to this attraction is that how without it, I don't think this attraction would be complete and by extension, Tomorrowland itself. It is the prologue to the future: the present. And boy is it beautiful.

Welcome to the Buddy Baker Project

Here is, finally, our first official update and our premiere post/episode of the Buddy Baker Project! I am so excited to be starting this huge project and am equally excited to have you all along for the ride. This introductory episode will explain what this project is, the philosophy behind it, and why I am undertaking it in the first place. As I state in the podcast, my mind goes faster than my mouth so I have decided to include a blog post with each upload where I can recap my somewhat sporadic thoughts.

In brief, the Buddy Baker Project is dedicated to rediscovering the man responsible for creating the musical sound that so uniquely defines the Disney theme park experience. What I hope to accomplish aside from extensive analysis of his scores is some musical recreations so that you all can hear his music as you've never heard it before. This will be done so that we all have a new understanding of not just Mr. Baker's beautiful music, but of Disney history itself as I believe that music informs 90% of the Disney experience.

Also in this episode I reveal which classic Disney attraction we will be examining first! I hope you are all as excited about this as I am and I cannot wait to get started. Enjoy this introduction and welcome to the Buddy Baker Project!

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